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Roll of the Kershaw Guards, Company D, 15th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment

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DeSaussure, W. D.
Davis, J. B.

Gist, J. F.
Lewie, S. F.

Gist, Wm. M.

Davis, J. M.

Middleton, J. S.

Kirkland, J. M. 

James, J. A.

Wallace, A. 
McCullum, H. B. 

Giles, C. H.

Price, J.  R.

Boyd, R. W.

Maurice, R. F. 
Warren, Thomas J.
Son of Thomas Warren who died in 1833. He died July 2, 1863-killed at
Gettysburg. Buried at Magnolia  Cemetery, Charleston, SC.(UDC Magazine-June,1989 article states was reintered in Charleston on May 10, 1871.Married Maria Louisa Maxwell in Pendleton on Dec. 6, 1854. Daughter of Robert A. Maxwell.

Burns, Cornelious
Born May 22, 1835 in Cabarrus, County, NC, died May 5, 1871, buried at
Quaker Cemetery, Camden, SC. Married Marielta McLaughin, born Aug. 8, 1837 in Rowan County, NC, died Feb. 25, 1921, buried in Quaker Cemetery, Camden, SC.
They had five children: (1.)Margaret born in Camden, (2.)Isaac W., born Feb. 14,1842 in Camden died from wounds on the Weldon Railraod on Sept. 3, 1864. He was in Co. A, 7th SC Battalion.(3.) James Hall, Capt. Co. E, 6th NC Infantry-killed at Gettys
burg July 1st, born in Camden on April 19, 1840. (4.) Elizabeth , born in Camden, (5.)Lucretia, born in Camden.

Davis, James Moore
Born April 27, 1834, died Jan. 14, 1878, buried in Quaker Cemetery in
Camden, SC. Married Nov. 14, 1854 Mary Louisa DeSaussure, born Aug. 6, 1839, died Jan. 16, 1901, buried in Quaker Cemetery, Camden, SC. James was in Company J, first, Greggs Regiment, SCV. After the 1st Battle at Manassas the Company disbanded.

Lyles, James V. 
Born Aug. 21, 1810 in Newberry County, SC, died Dec. 16, 1863, buried at Quaker Cemetery in Camden, SC.Married Sept. 10, 1846 Mary Mickle, Daughter of ]Major Joseph Mickle of Kershaw County, SC. Mary died Dec. 27, 1904, buried at Quaker Cemetery, Camden, SC ( James V. Lyle and Mary Mickle Lyle's daughter Martha Lyle,married Dr. George Rodgers Clark Todd. Mrs Abraham  Lincoln's brother).It was reported in the book "Historic Camden, "Dr. Todd remained throughout his life an unreconstructed Rebel").

Schrock, Joel A.
Born July 13, 1828, died December 6, 1872 buried in 
Quaker Cemetery in Camden, South Carolina. Married March 1852(1.)
Sarah E. Stover, daughter of Thomas Stover of Camden,SC  
born Feb. 23, 1832, died May 31, 1857, buried Quaker Cemetery, Camden,SC, Married  March-1860 (2.) Mary E. Johnson of Flat Rock, born May 2, 1842, died Feb. 9, 1925.
Joel A. Schrock was a grocer in Camden in the 1850's. The book "Historic Camden" states he resigned in 1863.

Davis, John J.
Married Louisa Jane Alden on July 5, 1860. Only son, David died Aug. 
16, 1864

Burns, O. B.

Somers, Adolphus
Died April 23, 1861-drowned in Charleston Harbor 

Huckabee, Joseph J.
Wounded at Gettysburg and the Battle of The Wilderness. 
Born January 25, 1825, died Sept. 28, 1892 in Kershaw County,South 
Carolina. He is buried  at Ebenezer Methodist Church 
Cemetery, Lugoff, South Carolina. He was married to Rachel J. Wilson,
born June 23, 1840, died Dec. 6, 1913, daughter of William J. Wilson
and the father of 8 children. 

Fisher, Charles A. 
Born 1835, died Sept. 22, 1862 Sharpsburg, Maryland. Age at death 
28 years. He was also wounded at 2nd Manassas.

Springer, Rudolph

Stewman, Phillip A. H.
Died at Charleston, SC in camp of disease 1862. He is buried in
Lancaster, SC at Lacaster Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

Wolf, Eugene

Young, John. W.
Wounded in Virginia.

Crosby, George
Born 1837, died July 7, 1882. Wounded at GettysbURG

Ammons, H.
Died during the war of disease

Ammons, A. A.
Died March 15, 1906 at the age of 85 years. He is buried at 
St.John's(Springhill, unmarked). Fought in the battle of Fort Sumter.

Bradley, John
Wounded in the Civil War

Captured at Gettysburg

Brannon (Branham) John
Born 1841 in Kershaw County, South Carolina, son of Samuel Branham 
and Elizabeth Talbert. He died  1862 in the Civil War at Val., Virginia

Brannon(Branham) Robert
Died in Virginia during the Civil War

Brannon(Branham) William, Jr.

Brannon(Branham) William, Sr.
Born October 20, 1840 in Kershaw County, South Carolina, 
son of James Branham and Francis (Frankie) Irvin. Wounded in the Civil War, married Mary Cook.

Brown, William
Wounded: Killed at Spotsylvania May 12, 1864

Capell, J. B.
Missing in B’boro( Book: Historic Camden)
Killed in action, no date of death given (Book: Broken Fortunes)

Capell, Sydney B. 	
Died in hospital in Columbia, South Carolina of disease
Buried at Quaker Cemetery, Camden, SC 

Capell, W. H.
Buried in Quaker Cemetery, Camden, SC: 
Wife, Eliza M. Capell b Feb. 12, 1846,d Jan 8, 1902 
buried in Quaker Cemetery. Wounded at B’boro

Collier, Fred J.
Born 1845 in South Carolina, son of Frederick H. 
and S. Maria Collier.

Corbett, H. F.	
Son of H. H. Corbett, Esq.
Died in the hospital in Columbia, South Carolina of disease
October 16, 1861

Corbett, Julius Clement
died July 2, 1863 	
Killed in action at Gettysburg

Creighton, F. E.	
Discharged 1864

Creighton, H. L.	

Ervin, John,	

Ervin, Samuel	

Falkenberry, John
Born Dec. 16, 1838, d. Feb. 26,  1897 buried in Hanging Rock
United Methodist Church Cemetery.

Fletcher, David G.	
Wife-Nancy Smyrl, married Nov. 24, 1859
Missing at Boonsboro

Ford, E. J.,	

Fulghum, James	

Gardner, James

Gardner, James L. 	
Died July 31, 1864 at City Point, Virginia of wounds
Married Susan Davis on Oct. 18, 1860

Gardner, Lewis	
Died Nov. 1924 at age of 87(Camden Chronicle obit.)Buried at 
Malvern Hill Baptist Church Cemetery.

Gaymon, John B.	

Graham, Wm.,	

Griffin, Stephen	
Wounded at Gettysburg

Hall, Russell, Jr.
Born abt. 1832,died February 19, 1869 at 69 yrs. old.
He was the son of Russell and Elizabeth Hall.
He married Lavinia Marsh, d/o James Marsh. She died between
Feb.-Sept of 1901 and is buried at Marshall Church.
Russell and Lavinia had six children.
On Nov. 16, 2002, the Joseph B. Kershaw Camp 82 SCV placed
a tombstone in Marshall Methodist Church in Lee County
for R. J. Hall. (Information submitted by Bill Johnson)	

Harrall, Jim(James) 
Died in Virginia, 1862

Harrall, James
Died in Virginia in 1862 (Historic Camden, Vol 2)

Harrall, John	
Died in Camden, South Carolina in 1862

Hassein, Adolph Von	

Hayes, James	

Hays, Emanuel
born March 10, 1840, died June 10, 1918
Buried at Smyrna United Methodist church cemetery, Lugoff, SC

Hays, Joseph	
Wounded at Spotsylvania. Born abt. 1818 in Kershaw County,
South Carolina.Wife was Sarah Branham.

Hinson, John, Jr.	
Died 1862, in Columbia, South Carolina

Hinson, John, Sr.	

Hornsby, Joseph	

Hornsby, S. Wyatt 	
Wounded: Killed at The Battle of The Wilderness
buried in Fredericksburg Confederate cemetery (R6S13)

Hornsby, Samuel	
Mortally wounded at Sharpsburg, MD

Hough, Hollis	

Hunter, A. A.
Died Aug. 7, 1864 of disease, buried Magnolia Cemetery 
in Charleston,SC. Went insane on march

Jackson, Douglas

Johnson, Benjamin F.	
Son of William Milton Johnson and Mary McCaskill
Born Oct. 30, 1843, died Oct. 1, 1919. 
Married Ketura Caroline Bullock born Nov. 29, 1841, died June 8, 1924. Both are buried in Cedar Creek 
Baptist Church cemetery in Lee County, SC

Johnson, W. B.

Jordan, D., 
Died Sept. 14, 1862 of wounds at Maryland Heights, Maryland.	
Mortally wounded at Bnsbro (from Historic Camden, Vol.II)

Jordan, W. H. 	
Died in Lynchburg, Virginia of disease. 
Buried Lynchburg CSA cemetery #5R5

Kelly, B. P. 	
Benjamin Purvis (B.P.) Kelly, born 1824 in South Carolina
was killed in action in the Civil War in VA, 1864.  
He was the son of Benjamin Kelly and Naomie Wilson. 
He married Lenora Hogan, daughter of William Hogan
and Neomy. Lenora was born in 1832. They had five children.
Information on his descendants can be found at
(Submitted by Betty K. Kelly)

Kemp, Tira	        
Died  of disease in hospital at Fairgrounds Oct. 19,1861

Kemp, Warren	

Kirby, Absolom	
Wounded 2 times

Kirby, J. W. 	
Died Nov. 20, 1863 at Fort Delaware while a prisoner of war.
Buried at NJ National Cemetery.
Wounded, captured at Gettysburg

Kirkley, Daniel C.	
Born Aug. 8, 1844, died Nov.1899, buried at 
Quaker Cemetery, Camden, SC. 
He first married Bertha Smith,
2rd,he married Nannie Walker.
1885 was made Postmaster of Camden, 
Owned the Camden Journal. He was
wounded at Chichamauga and lost his leg.

Marsh, Gates	
Son of John Marsh, born 1832 in Kershaw County, SC. 
Enlisted on Sept. 6, 1861. 
Last on muster roll for Jan/Feb 1862
Killed near Richmond, Virginia

Marsh, James Tavner
Born 1829 in Kershaw County, SC. 
Enlisted on Aug. 19, 1861.	
Discharged for disability on Nov. 28, 1861
Married Henreitta C. Norris on Jan. 15, 1873.
Married (2.) Rebecca Brown on Jan. 28, 1875
Dave Marsh
Lucy Marsh
Johnson Marsh
Marcus March

Marsh, John

Mattox, George W.	

Mattox, Isaac S.	
Left at Gettysburg: Born March 2, 1841, 
died March 2, 1900.
Son of Isaac Mattox and Elizabeth Branham 
Married Elizabeth Rotan.

Mattox, James	

Mattox, Samuel
Died June 2, 1865 at Point Lookout, Maryland 
of disease and buried at Confederate Cemetery at Point Lookout.	
Died as prisoner of war at Point Lookout 
(Book: Kirkland's Broken Fortunes)

McCallum, Hugh	

McCullum, H. B.

McGuire, Henry	
died during war of disease

McGuire, Henry

McInnis, N. M.	
Killed in action 1863
Killed at Chick., or Ptrsbg.

McLeod, Norman  A.	
Born April 6, 1839, died January 18, 1863 of Typhoid pneumonia. 
He was the eldest son of Alexander and Harriet McLeod. 
Slightly wounded at Sharpsburg-wound on side of face. 
Buried at Antioch Baptist Church cemetery
Mortally wounded ( Historic Camden, Vol.II

Minton, Columbus	

Killed in action at Gettysburg July 2, 1863

Minton, John B.	
Killed at Gettysburg July 3, 1863

Moneyham, John	

Munn, Argus  J. 
born 1836, died Sept. 29, 1919 at age 83, in Kershaw County SC -
buried McClean Cemetery. Married Mary ?, born Feb. 22, 1845, died
July 4, 1907
Minnie Munn, born Oct. 18, 1869, died Oct. 20, 1874	
(Corporal) Wounded 

Outlaw, John E.	

Parker, Benjamin  B.
Died in camp: Born 1844, son of Vince Parker and Martha
Caroline Kelly

Parker, Redding	
Son of Michael Parker 
Died July 29, 1863 at Gordonsville,  Virginia of disease, buried 
at Gordonsville, VA

Parker, Wm. E.	

Ray, James	
Died June 24, 1862 in Charleston, SC of disease, 
Buried at Magnolia Cemetery, in Charleston, SC

Richburg, John  J. 	
Died in 1862

Scott, Hasting	

Scott, Manning	

Shaylor, Charles H. 
Born 1826, son of Samuel and Mary Shaylor	

Shaylor, Thomas S.
Died Nov. 18, 1862 of disease at Stavnton, VA
Buried at Thomrose Cemtery in Stavnton, VA	
Left sick on march

Shedd, Jesse P.	

Wounded: Killed at Spottsylvania May 12, 1864. 
Son of John and January Shedd

Shiver, Joseph	
Died  1863 in Virginia

Smith, Jesse  W.	

Spradley, John	
Killed in action May 6, 1864 at the Battle of The Wilderness
Buried in Fredericksburg, VA

Spradley, W. James	
Born Jan. 4, 1839, Died May 18, 1923 in the Confederate Home in 
Columbia, SC. Buried Mount Zion Church, Kershaw County, SC
Wounded: Missing at Sharpsburg (Book: Historic Camden, Vol.II)
(some conflicting info on this soldier)

Turner, John  F.	
died Sept. 1916
Captured, Knoxville (Book: Historic Camden, Vol.II)

Waddell, N. T.	
died of disease, buried Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester, VA (No dates)

Ward, John	

Warren, Wm.
Died Sept. 25, 1862 of wounds at 2nd Manassas.
Died in Warrenton, VA
Watson, W. W.
Died Aug. 14, 1862, South Mountain, MD - Missing in action at Boonesboro
Watts, Columbus	
Died September 14, 1862 in Civil War, born January 15, 1841 
in Kershaw County, South Carolina, son of Joshua Watts and Mary Jones. (Brother of Frank Watts)

Watts, Frank
Wounded: Killed at Gettysburg on July 2, 1863.
Born June 1, 1833, son of Joshua Watts and Mary Jones.
(Brother of Columbus Watts)

Watts, Jno.

Williams, A. W.	

Williams, B. Frank	

Wilson, Henry	

Wilson, Joel
Born 1837, Died 1914
Joel Wilson enlisted in Company D on August 26, 1861
at 24 years of age. He was promoted to 5th Sergeant 
on Feb. 1, 1864. 
Muster rolls show him "present" for all major 
engagements of the Regiment, including Second Manassas
Sharpsburg Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville 
Gettysburg,Chickamauga and the Wilderness.
He remained with the Regiment until the end of the War 
when it was consolidated with the 7th Regiment after
Lee's surrender in April 1865. 
He surrendered with Johnson at Durham Station 
and at the time of his parole was 2nd Sergeant
Co B, 7th SC.

Following the War, he lived in Fairfield County
South Carolina, until his death, running a small
country store and farming cotton.
He was survived by his wife, Minnie Morgan Wilson
who lived until 1944

Information submitted by David Wilson. Contact David at

Wilson, Paul H.	

Workman, W. H. R
Born Oct. 15, 1825, died Mar. 17, 1889
Wife: Maria Minor died in Camden, SC on June 29, 1860 
leaving a  husband and 4 small children
(Camden Weekly Journal, July 10, 1860)

Yates, Saml.	

Yates, Willis	

Young, Jno. W.	

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