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Submitted By: Claude Sinclair

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From the Provisional Army of Confederate States
Rolls in Volumn 2, pages 54-55 in SC Archives

The Lancaster Invincibles
Company H. 2nd Regiment South Carolina Volunteers

The second Lancaster company, The Lancaster Invincibles, 
was organized on the 8th of January 1861 under the 
command of Colonel J.B. Kershaw and was mustered 
into service of the Confederate Provisional
Government on May 1861.

1 November 1862 The Lancaster Invincibles left Leesburg 
on the 6th of September, Crossed the Potomac, 
made a march through Maryland,  recrossed the 
Potomac at Harpers Ferry, thense to Sheperdstown and
 again recrossed the Potomac, engaged in the battle
 of Sharpsburg, Maryland on the 17 September 1862,
 fell back to Sheperdstown thence to Martinsburg,
 thence to Culpepper, our present station.

1 July 1863-at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  
The Invincibles left camp near Fredericksburg, VA.
The 2nd ofJune 1963-moved to Culpepper Court House, VA.,
thence to Gettsburg, Pennsylvania by Berryvilleburg, Va., Williamsport, Hagerstown, MD., Chambersburg 
and Fayetteville, Pennsylvania.

31 August 1863, the Invincibles left Chambersburg, PA. 
  30 June  1863 marching to Gettsburg, was engaged in the 
battle of the 2nd and 3rd of July.   They left Gettysburg 
marched to Hagerstown, MD., thense to Culpepper 
Court House, VA, thense to Wasser's Tavern, 
the present station.

31 December  1863,  Since the last muster this
 company was transferred from the army of 
Northern Virginia to East Tennessee.   
In the battle of Chicamauga 
20 September 1863 the company lost in action 1 
officer and 12 men wounded of which 1 officer 
and two men have since died.

29 February 1864, at Petersburg, Virginia.   
This company was engaged in the battle of Bean Station,
east Tenn.,  12th December 1863.   In the winter quarters
January and jFebruary near Russellville, Tenn.


Amos McManus, Captain  (wounded)
J.E. Rutledge, 1st Lieutenant
Benjamin R. Clyburn (succeeded as Captain) (Wounded)
Thomas Jefferson Reeves, 2nd Lieut. (Wounded)
John R. Welsh, 2nd Leut.
Marion Richard Hinson, 3rd Lieut. (Died)
S.J. Welsh ?
Andrew M. Perry, 3rd Lieut. (Died)
J. Frank Perry, 1st Sergeant (Died)
S.C. Gardner, 1st Sergeant (Wounded)
George C. Brasington, 2nd Sergeant(Claude Sinclair's Cousin) (Died) 
Robert W. Kennington, 2nd Sergeant (Wounded)
D.A. Williams, 2nd Sergeant (Wounded)
Bingam Blackmon, 3rd Sergeant
J. Frank Mackey, 4th Sergeant
John N. Ingram, 4th Sergeant (Died)
J.J. Moody, 4th Sergeant (Missing)
M.C. Love 5th Sergeant
John G. Short, 3rd Sergeant
W.S. Sowell, 5th Sergeant (Wounded)
William Washington Ellis, 5th Sergeant
John Clyburn, Commissary
A.J. Baker, 1st Corporal
J.M. Small, 1st Corporal (Died)
George D. Johnson, 1st Corporal (Wounded)
S.A. Douglas, 2nd Corporal
B.L. Kelly,  2nd Corporal (Died)
J.C. Cook, 2nd Corporal (Wounded)
M.L. Hinson, 4th Corporal (Wounded)
William McHorton, 4th Corporal (Wounded)
T.E. Williams, 1st Musician (Died)
R.T. Hilton, ???
Robert A. Rollings, 2nd Musician


William C. Adkins (Wounded)
James D. Bailey (Died)
Jehu W. Bailey (Wounded)
A.J. Baker
J.J. T. Baker
William Baker
W.T. Bell
G.W. Bennett (Died)
Samuel N. Blackmon  (Died)
N.H. Bowers
William J. Bowers
William M. Brasington
P.H. Bridges (Died)
W.J. Caston
R.E. Catoe
G.C. Cauthen (Died)
J.M. Cuthen (as spelled) (Wounded)
R.D. Cauthen (Died)
W.M. Craig
J.C. Cook
S.A. Douglas (Died)
Asa Deas (Died)
G.W. Ellis
W.W. Ellis
J.T. Faulkenberry
J.C. Funderburk
J.T. Funderburk
W.B. Junderburk (Wounded)
C.L. Gardner
John Gardner
S.C Gardner
Samuel Gardner (Wounded)
W.W. Gardner (Died)
W.T. Gregory (Died)
Willis Gregory (Died)
G.T. Harris (Died)
J.K. Harris
Daniel Harvel
D.B. Harvel (captured)
D.P. Howell
William Hill (Died)
R.Terrell Hilton (Died)
Jarrett Hill
M.L. Hinson
Elijah Hinson (Died)
W. Mc. Horton (missing)
A.J. Horton
James B. Horton
J.J. Horton
J.T. Horton (died)
W.C. Horton (died)
M.J. Hough (died)
D.G. Johnson
D.T. Johnson (died)
F. M. Johnson
J.D. Johnson (died)
B.B. Jones (Captured)
B.R. Kennington
J.T. Kennington
John Kennington
G.W. Kennington
Naaman Kennington (died)
Richard R. Kennington (died)
Robert W. Kennington
S.L. Kennington
W.J. Kennington (died)
Albert Kennington
E.R. Knight (died)
J.T. Lathan (died)
M.C. Love
V.B.H. Love (died)
R.J. Lowery (died)
W.W. Lowery (deserted)
J.R. Lucus (wounded)
Moses Lucus (captured)
Minor Lyles
W.J. Lyles
W.P. Lynn (died)
William Mck Mittag
J.J. Moody (missing)
C.W. McManus (wounded)
G.B. McManus (wounded and captured)
S.T. McManus (died)
W.A. McManus
W.H. McManus (wounded)
W.M. Neal (died)
Benjamin C. Perry (died)
W.T. Phifer
Albert Phillips
H.(A) L. Phillips (Died)
John Phillips
Elijah Pittman
R.A. Rollins
J.J. Reeves
T.C. Reeves
Samuel B. Sims
J.M. Small
J.H. Small (died)
W.T. Small
Asa Snipes (died)
John M. Sowell
Abram Sowell
S.F. Sowell
W.L. Sowell
B.F. Sutton (died)
William Todd
A.M. Twitty
W.E. (D.W.) Usery (wounded)
T.J. Welsh (died)
H.W. Wilkerson (died)
A.M. Williams (died)
C.H. Williams
D.A. Williams, Jr.
J.F. Williams
J.T. Williams (died)
T.E. Williams
W.D. Williams (died)
W.J. Williams (wounded)
G.B. Wilson (wounded)
W.J. Williams (wounded)
G.B. Wilson (wounded)
J.B. Witherspoon
William Wright (died)

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