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Oaks Harness Maker

By Howard M. Branham

Francis James Oaks was born in Baden, Germany and 
died 1873 in Camden South Carolina. He came to Camden in 1833
and married Emma A. Cotton. His occupation is given as "Saddler" 
on the 1850 Kershaw County South Carolina census. 

Known children of James and Emma were James Francis,
John A., Mary Elizabeth, Emma J., A. P., W. B. and T. L. Oaks.
This ledger gives the names of his customers, the services 
received and amount paid. Services included repairing buggy harnesses, bridles, collars, saddles and etc. 

(Editor's note: 
As most old books from this time period, the ink 
had turned brown, faded and sometimes impossible 
to read, for additional infomation on names 
posted here, contact the Camden Archives and Museum) .
 Adamson, Edward E.
Adamson, F.
Alden, George
Allen, M. S.
Ambrose, James D.
Ancrum, John
Ancrum, T. J.
Ancrum, Wm. A. 
Anderson, W. D.
Anderson, Wm.
Arrants, James W.
Arrants, N. B.
Ballard, Columbas
Ballard, T.P.
Banly(?), N. D.
Barnes, A. L.
Barnes, Edwin
Barnes, G. W.
Baruch, S.D.
Bateman, John
Baum, M.
Billings, C.
Blain, L. W. N.
Bofenseheu, Charles
Bowen, Mrs Mary A.
Bowen, T.
Boykin, A. H.
Boykin, Burl 
Boykin, Burl, Sr.
Boykin, E. M, Sr
Boykin, Est.
Boykin, James
Boykin, L. W.
Boykin, Thomas
Bracy, ??
Bracy, Joseph
Bracy, Thomas
Bradshaw, N.
Brevard, ??
Brevard, A.
Brevard, M.
Bronson, B. D.
Brown, M. N.
Brown, M.N.
Browne, B. M.
Browne, Est
Browne, John
Browne, Paul
Bunge, Nelson
Burnet, Col.
Campbell, W. B.
Cantey, Edward
Cantey, James
Cantey, Z.
Caston, W. T.
Chesnut, James John
Chesnut, James, Sr.
Chesnut, Thomas
Chestnut, John
Clark, T. H.
Clyburne, L.
Clyburne, Lin??
Clyburne, S.
Clyburne, Thomas
Coates, B. B.
Coldough, Cap.Alexander
Cook, B.
Cook, L. W.
Cunningham, John A.
Cunningham, Mrs H.
Cunningham, R. B. 
Cunningham, W. C.
Cureton, C. B.
Cureton, E. B.
Cureton, James B.
Cureton, Thomas
Davis, James
Davis, Thomas Rev.
Deas, L. H.
Defe, Z.
DeSaussure, Cap. Lewis
DeSaussure, D. L.
DeSaussure, Henry
DeSaussure, John M.
DeSaussure, L.M.
Devine, G.
Dina, G.
Dinkins, S.
Dixon, John L.
Doby, Alford
Doby, English
Doby, James
Doby, James E. Est.
Douglas, G. S.
Dunlap, James
Dye, C.L.
Dye, T.(?) R.
Farrow, A. H.
Fisher, Wm.
Fraser, Mrs Mary
Freman, Samuel, Rev.
Gardner, Jos.
Gates, John L.
Gerald, Rob.
Gillard, J. B.
Goodale, John
Goodwin, A.
Graham, Wm.
Hagan, W.
Haile, A. B. Sr.
Haile, Charles E.
Haile, Edward
Haile, John
Haile, John
Haile, Mrs B. Jas.
Halsettine & Co.
Hamilton, Ruben
Hammonds, S. B.
Hay, S. H. Rev.
Hocutt, Drt. 
Hogan, W. S.
Holland, J. 
Houghson, W. E.
Huckabee, M.
Huckabee, Thomas
Huckabee, W. B.
Hughes, W. E.
Keef, W. B.
Kelley, James
Kenard,  A. L. C.
Kennedy, A. M. & R.
Kennedy, H. G.(Sumter)
Kennedy, John D.
Kennedy, Mrs H.
Kennedy, Wm., Capt.
Kennedy,A. M.
 Kilgore, J.
Kirkland, I. A. 
Kirkland, W. G.
Lang, Henry
Lang, T.
Lang, Thomas
Lang, Thomas
Latta, A. T.
Latta, R.
Lee, A. M.
Lee, W.
Letham, S. B.
Limore, J. N.
Logan, R.
Lucas, B. S., Jr.
Man, R.
Maning & Boswill
Maning, B.
Marshall, Jos.
Matheson & Co.
Matheson, C.
Matheson, J. D.
McCaa, John
McCaa, John Jas.
McCandles, L.
McCaskill, Allen
McCaskill, John
McCaskill, Kent
McClont, John N.
McClont, John R.
McCloud, Thomas
McClout, A.
McCoy, C.L.
McCoy, W. W.
McCright, R. J.
McDonald, C. A.
Mcdow, R. S.
McDow, Thomas
McDowell, W.D.
McKain, John J.
McKain, W.J.
McKinon, Loudlin
Mcrae, C.
Mcrae, John
McSwaine, William
Mendenhall, J.K.
Mickle, R.
Miller, John
Miller, R.
Montgomery, John A.
Moody, B.
Moody, James A.
Moody, Thomas
Moody, W.
Moore, A. A.
Moore, Isum
Moore, Richard
Moore, W. J.
Morgan, G.
Mosley, R.
Mungo, W.
Murphy, Jos.
Nelson, John J.
Nelson, Levi
Nelson, P. H.
Nelson, Wm.
Nettles, J. S.
Nettles, W. A.
Owins, A.
Owins, Richard
Page, I.
Parker, E.
Parker, Emel.
Pate, Henry
Patterson, L. I.
Peay, I. A.
Pebles, F. L.
Pebles, Lewis
Peek, C. H.
Peques, T. W.
Perkins, B.
Perry, I. Capt.
Pery, W. F.
Pickett, W. S., Sr.
Polk, R.
Pricot, B.
Radges. D.M.
Reynolds, Mrs M.
Richardson, Thomas
Richborg, J. J. J.
Roberson, David (Longtown)
Roberson, E.G.
Roberson, John (Longtown)
Ruttidy, J. E.
Salmond, C. A.
Salmond, H. C.
Salmond, Mrs Ann
Salmond, T. W.
Sanders, Swepson
Sanders, Thomas C.
Saudess, M.
Seel, C. E.
Sefonis, Thomas
Shailer, Thomas
Shannon, C. J.
Shannon, C. J., Dr.
Shannon, C. V., Sr.
Shannon, S.D.
Shannon, Thomas C.
Shannon, W. M.
Shead, John
Shiver, Mrs C.
Shiver, Samuel
Sikes, W. R.
Smith, David
Smith, T. L.
Starke, John W.
Starke, Mrs J. C.
Stocky, Edman
Stocky, Harrison
Summervill, H.
Sutherland, J.F.
Vaughn & Hughes
Vaughn, J. H.
Villepigue, James I.
Villepigue, P.T.
Warren, T.J.
Watts, G. W.
Watts, L. M.
Whitaker, D.
Whitaker, John
Whitaker, L. L.
Whitaker, Thomas, Sr.
Whitaker, Thomas,Jr.

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