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Peck's Academy

Camden SC 1863

Charles H. Peck conducted a military school from 
1853 to 1863 in Camden, SC. Mr Peck,was a Northerner 
but was an ardent sympathizer for the South. 
He died on June 19, 1863 and is buried in 
Quaker cemetery in Camden, South Carolina. 


Captain J. Doby
G. S. Alexander
I. H. Alexander
Jessie Arthur
Harrison Boykin
Jim Deloache
George Young


Arthur, Jessie
Arthur, Willie
Bonney, Joe
Bonney, T. 
Boykin, Harrison
Cureton, Johnnie
Cureton, Willie
DeLoache, Jimmie
Doby, J. 
Doby, Joe
Doby, Belton
Guy, John
Kirkland, Powell
Kirkland, McKaa
Lykes, Jim
McCreight, Oscar
McCreight, Willie
McDowell, Willie
Peck, Lewis
Robinson, Allie
Robinson, Ed
Robinson, W. 
Shannon, Charlie
Teal, Willie
Whitaker, Lawrence
Workman, C.
Young, George

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