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1850 Kershaw County South Carolina Census

The 1850 Census of Kershaw County was researched and published by 
Catawba Wateree Genealogical Society. We added information on most of
the households from information contributed by Family researchers, and 
other sourses which are named. The original census is here along with 
added information on the households when available. If you find mistakes
please let us know as every effort has been made to be sure this info
mation is as correct as possible. Send in additional data on any of the
included households please.

Thank you,
Editor and Webmaster of Catawba Wateree Genealogical Society

1. Jesse S. Nettles                   54   M         Bank Officer                        5000
              Ann Nettles             40   F
              Sarah McKown            65   F
              J. E. Nettles           22   M         Acc't
              Wm. A. Nettles          18   M
              H. E. Nettles           15   F
              John Nettles            11   M
              Louisa Nettles           7   F
              Edwd. S. Nettles        9/12 M
              Joe Pettifoot           20   M B
              Nelson Pettifoot        10   M B
              Adam Robertson          25   M           Acc't    Scotland
              Sarah A. Robertson      24   F
              Jesse Robertson          3   F
              S. A. Robertson          1   F
         Jesse Salmond Nettles, s/o William Nettles and Mary Mathis, b. Nov. 26, 1796
         d.  Dec. 12, 1964; Census Taker, Sheriff of Kershaw Co. in 1823; War of 1812;
         Discount Clerk at Camden Branch of the State Bank for 30 years; m. (1) Sarah
         McKeown; m. (2.) Ann McKeown b. 1807 d. Dec. 7, 1889, 
         d/o Sarah McKeown age 65  in household).  Ch.:
      1.     Sarah Ann Nettles b. 1826; m. Dec. 24, 1845 by Rev. Dr. Davis, Adam
             Robertson b. 1825 Edinburgh, Scotland.  Ch.:
          a. Jesse N. Robertson b. 1847; m. Sep. 1, 1867, James P. Boswell
          b. Sarah Ann Robertson b. 1849
      2.     Joseph Eugene Nettles, b. Nov. 29, 1827; CSA, pvt. Co. E, 2nd Regiment,
             SC Volunteers, wdd., lost a leg.
      3.     William A. Nettles b. Mar. 9, 1832; CSA, 2nd SC, Co. E, Crp.; m. Mary
             Izler b. Sep. 1847.  Ch.:
             a.  Henrietta Nettles b. 1868
             b.  Jesse G. Nettles b. 1870
             c.  Lizzie Nettles b. Aug. 11, 1873 d. May 30, 1914 bu. Trinity Meth.
                 Ch. Cam. (near Sumter); m. J. Tom Cole
             d.  Joseph Nettles b. Apr. 1873
             e.  Minnie Nettles b. Aug. 1877
             f.  William Nettles b. 1880
             g.  Sallie Nettles b. May 1886
             h.  Olea Nettles b. Jan. 1891
       4.    Hester E. Nettles b. Dec. 3, 1834 d. Mar. 10, 1910; m. July 19, 1854,
             James Kirk Mendenhall, Pastor of the First Bapt. Ch. of Camden, b. Nov.
             20, 1820/27 d. July 30, 1896.  Ch.:
          a. James N. Mendenhall, M. D., b. Mar. 10, 1855/57
          b. Louise Mendenhall b. Nov. 7, 1860 d. Dec. 31,1927 m.June19
                 1888 Greenville, John Walter Berry.  Ch.:
               1.    Milton Donaldson Berry m. Lanness Morgan and had Milton M.M.
                     Kenneth and Robert W. Berry
               2.    Pauline Berry
               3.    Irene Berry
               4.    Walter Berry
               5.    J. Furman Berry
               6.    Louise Berry
               7.    J. Broadus Berry
               8.    Elliott Berry
      5.     Jesse Salmond Nettles, Jr. b. Jan. 25, 1839.
      6.     Louisa Salmond Nettles b. Jan. 25, 1842 d. May 5, 1860 bu. Quaker Cam.;
             drowned in Boykin's Mill Pond with 23 others when a flat boat ran upon a
             snag and sank
      7.     Edward Salmond Nettles b. Aug. 11, 1849 d. May 3, 1908 bu. Quaker Cam.;
             merchant & farmer; m. Apr. 1, 1868, Grace Epis. Ch., Ellen F. McDonald b.
             1847.  Ellen's father was born in Scotland.  Ch.:
             a. Josephine Anne Nettles b. Feb. 4, 1870 d. Feb. 13, 1962; m. Henry
                 Love Watkins b. Oct. 16, 1871 d. Feb. 15, 1915 bu. Quaker Cern.
              b. Ann Florence Nettles b. 1871; m. William Aiken Bull
              c. Edward Salmond Nettles, Jr., "Ned", b. Aug. 19, 1877 d. Aug. 14,
                 1924 Jacksonville, FL, bu. Quaker Cam.; Spanish-American War; m.
                 Jenny B. Arrants b. Jan. 9, 1864 d. Aug. 14, 1957, d/o Thomas Bell
                 Arrants (h/h #79).  Jenny m. 2) a Mr. Howard.
              d. Louise S. Nettles b. 1873; m. Thomas L. Jones
              e. Sallie McKeovn Nettles b. 1875.
              f. Willis Cantey Nettles b. Dec. 1881
              g. David Willis Nettles b. May 1886, US Army, WWI
              h. Nellie H. Nettles b. Mar. 1886; m. John A. Singleton
              i. Donald Eugene Nettles b. Dec. 1892
         Joe Pettifoot and Nelson Pettifoot were probably free black servants.
         Sarah McKeown b. 1783, w/o James McKeown, m/o Sarah, Ann, and John     
McKown (h/h #904)
Source:   The Mathis Family of Little Egg Harbor by Murray and Jean Harris  .  Affidavit in National
Archives submitted by Jesse S. Nettles stating that he was the s/o Capt. William Nettles and was the adn.
of his estate.  Note:  The statement in Historic Camden that Hester Sanders (Cook) was Capt. William
Nettles third wife is incorrect.  She was the w/o William Nettles, Jr. 5/0 Capt. William and b/o Jesse
Salmond Nettles.  See History of the Camden First Baptist Church of SC (1810-1985).  This error has
been carried forward into many published and unpublished family histories, even the DAR Patriot Index. 
This error  was apparently caused by an interpretation of the entries in a Bible which did not
differentiate between William & William, Jr.  (The Bible is owned by Mrs. Singleton of
 Greenville, SC.)  In addition, in 1650 a woman named Amelia Shivers Nettles, then living
  in  GA, applied for benefits due widow of Rev. War vets based on her marriage to Capt.
 William Nettles.  She stated that she was his second wife (Capt. William apparently didn't
  tell her about his first wife, Amy Alexander), that they had no children, and that his
 son, Jesse, was adm. of Capt. William's estate and wouldn't give her anything.  The only
 information I have been able to find concerning the widow of Capt. John Cook, Hester
 Sanders, is in the Kershaw Co. Court Minutes, 1791-99, which ordered that Letters of
 Administration do issue to Hester Cook on .. John Cook, deceased.. Apr. 27, 1793.
 Genealogies of Nettles and Related Families by Cassie Nichols and Marriage & Death Notices in
Camden, SC, Newspapers.
Submitted by: w. v. Arrants, Dallas Phelps
 2    2    Thos        Salmond         67 M   Bank Officer    Scotland
           M. J        Salmond         63 F
           L. A.       Salmond         32 F
           B. B        Salmond         29 M   Bank Officer
           N. L.       Salmond         23 F
           M. J.       Salmond          3 F
           Ewd.        Salmond          1 M
           Thos. W.    Salmond         23 M    M. D.

Thomas Durham Salmond b. 1783 Edinburgh, Scotland d. 1854; naturalized 1807
 after living in this country five years; President, Camden Branch of the Bank of the State
in 1822; Mayor of Camden in 1825, 1827 and 1828; m. Margaret J. Irvin, b. 1786/87
Fairfax d. Oct. 20, 1855, both bu. Quaker Cam. (w/o Adam F. Brisbane, Jr.).  Ch.:
      1.     Margaret Salmond b. June 1815 d. July 11, 1817
      2.     Ann Louisa Salmond b. 1817 d. 1884
      3.     Edward Anderson Salmond b. 1819 (h/h #922)
      4.     Burwell Boykin Salmond b. 1821 d. 1862 near Tupelu, HS, lawyer; m. 1643,
             Nancy Louisa McWillie, d/o William McWillie.  They moved to Pickens Co.,
             AL where Nancy had inherited a plantation from her grrandfather, Joseph
             Cunningham.  Ch.:
          a. Margaret Irvin Salmond b. July 16, 1846 d. Aug. 12, 1868; m.
             Richards Billups b. Sep. 1843
       *  b.    Edward Anderson Salmond b. Feb. 17, 1849 d. Apr. 25, 1890; m.
                 Amelia Elizabeth Baker
      5.     Thomas Whitaker Salmond, M. D., b. May 31, 1825 d. Aug. 3, 1869 bu.
             Quaker Cem.; CSA, 2nd SC Infantry, Surgeon; m. 1) Mary Whitaker; m. 2)
             Isabel Scota Whitaker, both d/o John Whitaker (h/h #836)
      6.     Stephen Elliott Salmond b. Apr. 1829 d. May 1830
         Source: Kershaw County Cousins; Historic Camden, Vol. II
         Submitted by: Pat Goff, Dallas Phelps
  3       3   D.L. DeSaussure      54 M  Bank Officer  5000
              F.C. DeSaussure      54 F
              0.F. DeSaussure      19 F
              D.B. DeSaussure      17 M  Student
              D.L. DeSaussure      14 M
         Daniel Louis DeSaussure, Sr., s/o  the eminent SC jurist Chancellor Henry
         William DeSaussure, b. 1796 d. Apr. 12, 1857; War of 1812 Veteran and the War
         of Barbary Pirates; in 1820 he bought "Clermont" (the old Fort Rugeley Place
         on Granny's Quarter Creek; the old Henry Rugeley Ledger for "Claremont Store"
         (was on Gum Swamp, a tributary of Sanders Creek, Deed bk P p. 470) is at the
         Camden Archives with the names of customers of 1776 to 1780; moved to Mill St.
         in 1846; Elder of Pres. Ch. nearly 30 years; m. Frances C. Martin, d/o Dr.
         James Martin, b. 1796 d. Jan. 11, 1861, both bu. Quaker Cem.  Ch.:
      1.     Caroline DeSaussure b. 1824 d. Oct. 2, 1844; m. Dr. Benjamin F. Watkins
             (h/h #812)
      2.     Sarah Eliza DeSaussure b. 1829 d. 1898; m. Dec. 14, 1847, Lewis Daniel
             DeSaussure of Charleston
      3.     Octavia F. DeSaussure b. 1830 d. 1905; never m.
      4.     Douglas Blanding DeSaussure b. 1832 d. 1882; m. Martha Lamar Stark of
           a.    Theodore Stark DeSaussure, infant son, d. Mar. 1, 1861 Columbia of
           b.    Constance DeSaussure d. Nov. 12, 1862 Columbia of diptheria
           c.    Douglass DeSaussure, infant son, d. June 1, 1866 Columbia
      5.     Daniel Louis DeSaussure, Jr., M. D., b. 1838 d. 1909 bu. Quaker Cem.;
             CSA; m. Apr. 27, 1858, Sarah A. Gamewell, d/o Rev. W. A. Gamewell, b.
             1841 d. 1906. (a niece of John Gamewell, h/h #91).  Ch:
           a.    Daniel L. DeSaussure b. Feb. 5, 1859 d. July 15, 1859 bu. Quaker
           b.    Mary M. DeSaussure b. Apr. 12, 1860 d. Sep. 30, 1863 bu. Quaker
         Source: 1860 Kershaw Co. Census; Historic Camden, Vol. II; Glass Obituaries; will  
      #20-682 Camden Newspapers . Submitted by: Pat Goff, Dallas Phelps
      4       4   J. W. Baskin     35 M     Acc't                   500
                  M. P. Baskin              29 F
                  S. J. Baskin                13 F
                  George Baskin               8 M
                  Jas. Baskin                 6 M
              Sarah Ketchum                   24 F

          James W. Baskin, s/o James Baskin (h/h #505), b. 1815; m. 1) Elizabeth
         McCorkill; m. 2) Dec. 22, 1839 by Rev. C. M. Breaker, Margaret Phenette Dean
         b. 1821, d/o Joseph Dean, grd/o Elias Dean.  Living 1860, Richland Co.   Ch.
         by first wife:
          1.     Sarah J. Baskin b. 1837; m. ? Tompkins

         Ch. by second wife:
         2.     George Baskin b. 1842 AL
        *3.   James W. Baskin b. 1844 NC
         4.   Joseph Baskin m. Henrietta Sing - 5 ch.
         5.   Washington Murphy Baskin; m. Rosanna Leslie - 7 ch.
         6.   Margaret Baskin, first w/o William Henry Cannon
         7.   Charlotte Baskin, second w/o William Henry Cannon
         Sarah Ketchum b. 1826; m. Sep. 22, 1850 Grace Epis. Ch., William Ficker b.
         1820 Ireland; guardsman, SC Railroad.
         Source:   Andrew Baskin(s); 1860 Ricnland Co. Census; Grace Epis. Ch. Records
         Submitted by: Dallas Pheips

     5   5    H. S. Gibson         39 M  Carpenter    300
              Sarah P. Gibson      18 F                                   VA

         Henry S. Gibson b. 1811; m. 1) Sarah P. ? b. 1832 VA; m. 2) Hannah ?, b. 1826.
         1.   Sallie Gibson b. 1853
         Source:   1860 Kershaw Co. Census
         Submitted by: Dallas Phelps

      6   6 Thos. J. Warren        25 M  Sheriff            5000
           Elizh. Warren           55 F
           E. T. Warren            32 F
         Thomas Warren b. 1783 Newport, RI d. Oct. 18, 1833; b/o Peter Warren; m.
         Elizabeth Smyth, d/o Samuel Smyth and Rebecca Snow, b. 1793 d. Dec. 28, 1852,
         both bu. Quaker Cem.  Ch.:
      1.     Thomas Jefferson Warren b. 1825 d. July 2, 1863 Gettysburg, PA, CSA;
             Capt., 15th SC, Co. D; (memorial stone, no dates, Quaker Cam.) bu.
             Magnolia Cam., Charleston; Sheriff of Kershaw Co. in 1850; Editor, Camden
             Journal; m. Dec. 6, 1854 Pendleton, Maria Louisa Maxwell
      2.     Elizabeth T. Warren b. 1818 d. will dated Apr. 13, 1887
      3.     Benjamin W. Warren d. before 1887; m. Apr. 21, 1842 by Rev. Hanckel, Mary
             Elizabeth Warren, d/o John Warren of Colleton Dist.  Ch.: Eva Bell/Lee
      4.     Rebecca Ann Warren b. 1818; m. July 7, 1836, Alexius Gaither Marshall b.
             1812 VA.  Ch.:
          a. Warren R. Marshall b. 1838; m. Roza McCaine d. Oct. 25, 1876
          b. Elizabeth Marshall b. 1840
          c. James Marshall b. 1842
          d. Frederick Marshall b. 1843
          e. Benjamin Marshall b. 1848
         Source:   Camden Newspapers; Quaker Cem. Survey; probate 71-2532; Historic
Camden, vol. II;
         Will of Elizabeth Warren dated Apr. 13, 1887; 1850 pichland Co. Census; Columbia
         Newspapers (1859-1877)
         Submitted by: George L. Irvin, Joseph Matheson, Dallas Phelps
  7. 7     H. Holleyman          41 M                   Merchant
           M. F. Holleyman       43 F
           G. C. Holleyman       10 M
           E. F. Holleyman        6  F
           H. A. Holleyman        4  F
         Hermon Holleyman, Jr., s/o Hermon Holleyman (1771-1849), (b/o Margaret A.
         Holleyman, h/h #89), b. 1809; m. 1) Elmira Frances Clarke, d/o Rev. George
         Clarke, b. 1821 d. Aug. 10, 1846; m. 2) M. F. ? b. 1807; not on 1860 SC
        Census.  Ch. by first wife:
      1.     George W. Holleyman b. 1840; CSA, Lucas Guards, Co. F, Pvt.
    * 2      Elmira Frances Holleyman b. 1844
      3      H. A. Holleyman, female, b. 1846
         Note:     1860 Sumter Co. Census: Bishopville: William H. Holleyman, M. D. b.
         1811; Mary E., age 39; William M., age 17; Ada A., age 12; George M., age 10;
         Eugene, age 8; John J., age 5 and Mary B., age 3
         Source:   1860 Kershav Co. Census; Camden Nevspapers, Historic Camden, Vol. II
         Submitted by: Dallas Phelps
    8. 8 S. W. Love             38 M   Carpenter         1600
           Sarah Love             40  F
           Saml. Love             19  M   Carpenter
           D. C. Love             16  M
           Mary A. Love           14  F
           S. C. Love             12  F

 9. 9 J. D. Murray              48 M        Merchant       800
          Hedy Bonney          25 F M
          Chas. Bonney          3 M M
    John D. Murray b. 1802, living Spartanburg Co., 1860; never m.
         Source:   1860 Spartanourg Co. Census, Deeds: in 1849 to Dr. R. Peebles (R-532),
W. Patterson (R-574), Wm. Nelson (R-336)
 Summitted by: Dallas Phelps
 10. 10 B.P. Boyd           36 M           None             NC
        T.E. Boyd           29 F                            NC
        Thos. B. Boyd       9 M                             NC
        Susan A. Boyd       4  F
        Mary Ann Boyd       4 F
        Emma E. Boyd        1 F
 Benjamin P. Boyd b. 1814 NC ; m. Tirzah E.? b.1821 NC, living 1870. York Co.SC
      1.     Thomas Ben Boyd b. 1841 NC
      2.     Susan Altona Boyd b. 1846
      3.     Mary Ann Boyd b. 1846
      4.     Emma/Elizabeth Emily Boyd b. 1849
      5.     Agusta Boyd b. 1854
      6.     Martha Boyd b. 1856
      7.     William Boyd b. 1858
 Joseph B. Boyd, blo Ben, b. 1819 NC; lived Lancaster Co. in 1850.
         Source:   1860 York Co.; 1870 York Co. Census; Pres. Ch. Records; 1850
Lancaster Census
         Submitted by: Dallas Phelps
 11.  11 Richd. Chesnut          58 M B                         Barber
             Richard Chesnut, Jr.34 M B                         Barber
12.   12 C. A. McDonald         48 M                             Tailor
              J. B. McDona1d    39 F                                                   city/Washington
             S.E. McDona1d     16 F
         Charles A. McDonald b. Apr. 7, 1802 Cumberland Co., NC d. July 15, 1879; m.
         Nov. 8, 1832 Bethesda Pres. Ch., Jane Bell Rodgers, d/o Alexander Rodgers and
         Mary Kelso, b. Nov. 2, 1809 Washington, DC d. May 8, 1900, both bu. Quaker
         Cem.  Ch.:
*1.  Sarah Eleanor McDonald b. Aug. 16, 1833 d. May 24, 1888 bu. Quaker Cem.;
            m.  July 6, 1859 J. W. McCurry b. 1832 d. Sep., 1910 Winston-Salem, NC.
             a.  Jane McDonald McCurry       b. 1860
             b. Sallie Esther McCurry        b. 1864
             c.  Mary Ellen McCurry          b. 1869
             d.  Charles MCDonald McCurry    b. 1870

   Source: 1840, 1860 Kershaw Co. Census; Camden Newspapers; Historic Camden, Vol.
II  “wife, Mary Arrants" - is in error; Camden Chronicle, Sep. 20, 1910
 Subitted by: Pat Goff, Dallas Phelps
13.  13 A. M. Kennedy               33 M          Merchant         5000         Scotland
        S. A. Kennedy               29 F
            John D. Kennedy         10 M                                         
            E. M. Kennedy            8 F
            A. B. Kennedy            5 F
            A. D. Kennedy            2 M
        Anthony McMillan Kennedy b. Mar. 1, 1817 Aryshire, Scotland d. Dec. 17, 1892
         bu. Quaker Cem., s/o Alexander Kennedy and Elizabeth McMillan of Ayreshire,
         Scotland; m. Apr. 3, 1839, Sarah Ann Doby b. 1821 d. May 21, 1893, d/o John
         Doby (h/h #44).  Ch.:
      1.     John Doby Kennedy b. Jan. 5, 1840 d. Apr. 14, 1896; CSA, 1861, Capt., 2nd
             SC, Co. E, 1862, Col., 1864, Brig. Cen. CSA, the local United Daughters
             of the Confederacy chapter was named for him; m. 1.) Sep. 28, 1857,
             Elizabeth Cunningham b. 1842 d. July, 1876, d/o Joseph Cunningham (h/h
             #856); m. 2.) 1882, Harriet Boykin, d/o Burwell Boykin (h/h #850)
      2.     Elizabeth McMil1an Kennedy b. Oct. 19, 1842; m. her cousin, Alfred
             English Doby (h/h #830)
      3.     Ann Belton Kennedy b. Feb. 20, 1845 d. May 15, 1853
      4.     Alexander Dalton Kennedy b. 1847 d. 1922; m. 1) Martha Eunice Bissell of
             Carlowville, AL b. Sep. 16, 1846 d. Jan. 31, 1884; m. 2.) Betsy Boykin
             Bissell b. Dec. 3, 1852 Carlowville, AL d. July 11, 1928
      5.     Sarah Doby Kennedy b. 1851; m. Edward Fludd Burrows of Sumter Co.
         Their brick home with spacious grounds which stood across from Dr. Joseph Lee
         (Greenleaf Villa, 1995) burned and in 1886 the Geralds sold the site whereon
         the Kershaw Co. Library now stands. They were grandparents of Mrs. Sadie
         Kennedy von Tresckow, prominent local Historian and Clubwoman for the first
         half of the twentieth century.
 Source: Kershaw County Cousins; Kennedy Bible; Cyclopedia of Eminent and                     
Representative Men of the Carolinas         
Subnitted by: Pat Goff
14.  14 R. M. Kennedy              29 M        Merchant       1500        Scotland
       M. A. Kennedy               24 F
       Ann D. Kennedy               2 F
 Robert Ma~llan Kennedy b. 1821 of  “The Craig” Aurshire, Scotland d. 1896 bu.
         Quaker Cem.; arrived in America in 1844; Mayor of Camden in 1865; 54 years a
         citizen of Camden; m. 1) Margaret A. Doby b. 1827 d. 1873, d/o John Doby (h/h
         #44); m. 2) Ann Sherard b. 1837 d. 1893, d/o Judge Joseph H. Sherard of
         Winchester, VA.  All ch. were by his first wife:
      1.     Anne D. Kennedy b. May 29, 1848; m. William K. Thompson (h/h #310)
      2.     Elizabeth D. Kennedy b. 1850; m. Hunter Rives Boykin b. Mar. 10, 1850
             Portland, AL d. Oct. 25, 1931, both bu. Quaker Cam. - 8 ch.  His brother
             Samuel Francis Boykin (h/h #827).
      3.     Belton O'Neal Kennedy b. Dec. 24, 1852 d. Jan. 17, 1899; m. Ellen Bissell
             of Portland, AL, b. 1856 d. 1896, both bu. Quaker Cam.
 !!!  4. Margaret McDowelL Kennedy b. Apr, 2,1854 d. Nov.5, 1863
      5.  Agnes McMillan  Kennedy b. 1857 d. 1859
      6.     Sarah  Kennedy, b. 1860 d. 1929 bu. Quaker Cem.; m.  James W. Blakeney 
             Jr. b. Sep. 13,1829 d May 22, 1901,  s/o Gen. James W. Blakeney and
             Virginia DuBose
       7   John  Doby Kennedy b. 1862 d. 1939; m. Ann Kearney of WI
       8    Robert McMillan Kennedy, II b 1866 d. 1948 bu. Quaker Cem. m. in 1902
             Julia Calvert  Hunter b 1868  Winchester, VA d. 1946
             b/o  John and Anthony Kennedy, close kinsmen  of James Kennedy Douglas (h/h
            Hunter Rives Boykin, b/o Samuel Francis Boykin who m. Margaret Ancrun (h/h
 Source: Historic Camden, vol.II:  In: Kershaw County Cousins.
 Submitted by: Elaine Blackman, Pat Goff

15    15   L. K-. Ballard           40 M     loan recorder     100
           Emma B. Ballard          34 F
           J .T. Ballard            14 M
           Joseph Fickle             8 MB
           Keith J. Moffatt         30 M      acct             500  Scotland   
           Jennet Moffatt           70 F                           Scotland                                    
           M.J. Love                12 F
         Lewis William Ballard b. 1810; m. Emma B. ? b  18l6~ both bu. Quaker Cem.,
         unmarked.  Ch.:
      1.     Julius T. Ballard b. 1836 d. bu. Quaker Cem.
      2.     Benjamin  Franklin Ballard b 18522 d. Nov. 1854
       Janet Moffatt b. 1780  Scotland.,'d. Oct. 27, 1858 bu. Quaker Cem.; w/o Willian
        Moffat d. 1824 (Probate 45-1598)d. 1824  Ch.:
      1. Keith Stuart Moffat b. Oct. 29, 1817 Dumfueshire, Scotland (also found
             that he was b. Newton-Stewart, Scotland)d. Jan. 17, 1855 Orange Springs,
             FL bu. Quaker Cem. (Probate 45-1597 ada.; A. M. Kennedy); Mexican War,
             Capt., Kershaw Volunteers; Maj   Palmetto Reginent; never am.         
             In his naturalization papers, Spring 1849, Keith S. Motfat stated he was
             29 years of age merchant; b. Galloway Cty., Scotland; arrived
             Charleston, SC in fall of  1821; lived ever since in Camden; that he
             arrived under age 18. J. M. DeSaussure, James Chestnut, Jr., J. B.
             Kershaw, and William H. Shannon stated they had known petitioner 20
      2.     Robert D. Moffatt m. Elizabeth Douglas (h/h # 778)         
         Source:   Historic Camden, Vol. I,  II:  Kershaw Co. WPA records:; Camden    
          Newspapers  submittad by: Dallas Phelps
16  16 Henry Pate          29 M       Merchant
       E. V. Pate          20 F
     Henry Pate            1 M
      Infant Pate        4/12 M
      Thomas  Railey       12 M
      Ann Strickland       35  F
      Mary Strickland      10 F
      Henry  Anderson Pate, s/o Levi Pate (h/h #554) b  1821 d. Oct. 31,1875, tax
      collector in 1860: m. (1.)Dec 18, 1847; Elizabeth Vanilla Vemell Peebles b.
      Oct. 27; 1828 d. Apr. 12, 1852, both bu. Peebles Family Cem.: m. ( 2) Oct. 1O,


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