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The 3rd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment:
Kershaw's Brigade:
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By Mac Wyckoff

Rutherford Todd was born on February 4, 1834 in Laurens District of South
Carolina.  He graduated from South Carolina College in 1855 and passed the
He was elected captain of Company G, 3rd South Carolina on the day after
Fort Sumter surrendered.  He was one of the few captains re-elected at the
regiment's re-organization on May 13, 1862.  He was one of the top seven
officers in the regiment to be shot at Fredericksburg on December 13, 1862.
Ten months later, while second in command of the regiment, he was wounded in
the knee on Snodgrass Hill at Chickamauga.  He apparently was out some time
as he was on furlough at the time of the December 31, 1863 roll call and
absent sick at the next roll call on February 29th.  Upon the death of
Colonel James Nance at The Wilderness, Todd was promoted to major. He
apparently was wounded in the spring of 1864 and checked in and out of
hospitals over the summer of 1864.  He returned on October 1, 1864 and
twelve days later was promoted to lieutenant colonel upon the death of
Colonel Rutherford at Hupp's Hill.  

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